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Heron to play in Bridport and Japan in November 2016


It’s been a long time coming but at last the Japanese mini tour is on.  Previously thwarted by tsunami and illness Heron’s long awaited trip to Japan has been set up by record label owner Hiroshi Kuse.  Link to Japanese tour details.

To coincide with the visit both the original Dawn albums Heron and Twice as Nice and Half the Price are being re-released by Hiroshi’s Wasabi Records.


In preparation for their first visit to Japan they will be doing a warm up gig at their favourite theatre in Bridport, The Lyric Theatre. Tickets available soon.

September 25, 2016



Jokerman: Songs of Bob Dylan (Wasabi Records)


We're happy to anounce that are latest album: 'Jokerman: Songs of Bob Dylan' is now available on CD.
It's a collection of Dylan songs recorded as a tribute to the great American songwriter.
Released by the Japanese record label 'Wasabi Records'.

If you are interested in a copy:

May 20, 2016


Jokerman to be released in Japan




Our latest album 'Jokerman - Songs of Bob Dylan' will be released in Japan next month! Anyone interested in a copy let us know at:


"Jokerman" is a collection of Dylan songs recorded as a tribute to the great American songwriter. Heron are primarily song writers and all three singers have interpreted the songs in their own way. The songs are linked with musical themes and "atmospherics" which give the album continuity and a sense of "wholeness". But the interpretation of the individual song is given primacy through out. Some songs like; The lonesome hobo and God on our side; have brand new melodies. "Others are adapted". 
During the recording process songs were approached from different angles and many eventually rejected. There was an attempt to create a "fireside ambiance" where the singer addreses the listener intimately. 
To help us achieve this the instrumentation has been kept to a minimum, but with a couple of guitars, some keyboard and percussion Heron have created quite a full sound. Topped of course by their trademark vocal harmonies. In my opinion, "Jokerman" is a must have for any card carrying Dylan fan.

March 25, 2016


Heron Roadshow in Bridport

Heron’s back in town again for a one-off gig.  It’s been a while, but then everything takes a while these days…

On 13th Sept they’re putting on a bit of a roadshow with some guests at their favourite little theatre The Lyric, Barrack St, Bridport. The gig starts at 8.00pm and tickets are £10 available from Bridport Arts Centre (
It promises to be a fun evening.  

August 25, 2014


Open Up The Road Digital Release


Open Up The Road


Originally conceived as a demo to promote Heron, Open Up The Road was recorded in Steve Jones's house in Maidenhead in 1983. With 'new' songs by both Gerald Moore and Roy Apps, which have rarely been performed live, alongside interpretations of proven folk songs.



July 25, 2015