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Black Dog (2005)

Twice As Nice & Half The Price
1. The Devil

Written by G.T. Moore

2. Thick And Thin

Written by R. Apps,

3. Another Goodbye

Written by R. Apps

4. Working for the Company

Written by Mykl O'Dempsey / Gerry Power

5. Please Go

Written by R. Apps

6. Louise

Written by R. Apps

7. 2000 Miles

Written by G.T. Moore

8. So Long


9. Pearl

Written by R. Apps

10. D'You Believe It's Easy

Written by Bill Boazman

11. Fields of Eden

Written by R. Apps

12. In The End

Written by R. Apps

13. Last Train

Written by W. Guthrie

14. Tommorow's Child

Written by Gerry Power

15. From The Land To The Sea



Accordion, Keyboards, Piano Stephen Jones
Guitar, Vocals Roy Apps
Guitar, Vocals, Whistle, Bongos G.T. Moore
Vocals Tony Pook



The British group Heron made some rare albums in the early '70s, and continued to put out sporadic low-profile releases over the next few decades. The 15 songs on Black Dog were recorded in the late '90s, and made available on the band's website, but not released on CD until Hux picked up the material in 2005. (Other tracks recorded at the time had previously been released on the album River of Fortune.) Some of the songs were actually written (though not necessarily recorded) back in the '70s, though newer tunes were included as well. It's laid-back, undistinguished folk-rock that's closer to folk than most folk-rock is, with a definite but not overwhelming English feel. Occasionally, the harmonies recallCrosby, Stills & Nash and steer this slightly toward the '70s California folk-rock sound, though that resemblance never becomes strong enough that you'd be likely to mistake Heron for a Californian band. There's a tender, nostalgic older-and-wiser air to the songs, and while most decent sorts would be hard-put to disagree with any of the sentiments, they're not relayed in a very exciting fashion.
by  Richie Unterberger