MOJO Vinyl Package of the month


It's important to make a good first impression, and these reissues from Mapache Records are stunning examples of the modern art of the vinyl reprint. Heron were a short-lived Berkshire folk quartet in thrall to the early '70s trend for 'getting it together in the country", as preactised by Traffic, Fairport Convention and Led Zeppelin. Recorded by Peter Eden in the fields outside a farmhouse in Appleford, Oxfordshire, the first album is a classic of post-acid pastoral folk: hazy, melancholy wistful ballads interspersed with the sound of birdsong and summer evening echo. Recorded in Black Dog in Devon their career-killing second (double) LP is West Coast Kinks in feel and just as bewitching. Licensed by the band, remastered from original tapes, in perfect facsimile covers there reissues are limited to 500 copies. Originals cost around £250. What are you waiting for?